Sunday, August 2, 2015

Look What is Topping the Charts...CHANT!

I stayed a weekend with these guys when they first were getting started.  Back then, there were 4 of them!

Further proof that chanting appeals to people (and folk Masses do not), here's a video about the monks from Norcia topping the charts!

The "Fashion" of Christ

"Put on the new self" - St. Paul to the us and the Ephesians

"How Humanae Vitae Brought Me to the Church when I was in Med School" - 16 minute version

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Wonderful Female MD Talks about NFP, and how Humanae Vitae Brought Her Back to the Church

Dr. Maria Bajuyo gave a presentation on the science and beauty of the Church's teachings on human sexuality, openness to life, NFP, naprotechology, etc.

Everyone needs to hear this talk!

Here is a 16 minute cut up of the talk to give you a good sense of the talk if you don't have an hour

That being said, the WHOLE thing is great. Here's the full version.

The audio is scratchy in a few places (probably the Devil at work!) but press through it and give it a listen.

Dr. Maria Bajuyo, and other doctors like her, are doing the work that will win against the culture of death.

Dr. Maria Bajuyo MD from John Hollowell on Vimeo.
How encountering the Catholic Church's teachings on contraception, NFP, and openness to life brought me back to the Catholic Church

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hoosiers: contact Senator Joe Donnelly...

and ask him to Defund Planned Parenthood!

I just called his office in DC at (202) 224-4814 and asked him to help ‪#‎DefundPP‬

It was very easy

He's described himself as a pro-life Democrat. We'll see on Monday

Say some prayers for him, our elected officials, and our nation, and our opponents who kill children every day with our tax money

Thursday, July 30, 2015

NEW! High School Religion Class Online

What is this?

I am trying something new this year - teaching our religious education classes online so that our teens can watch them any time they want during the week.

They just fill out a few questions as they work through the video.  Each video is 20-30 minutes.

Your parish is welcome to use these videos as well if you would like.

We will be moving through, this semester, the "Our Moral Life in Christ" from The Didache Series: Parish Edition.

Each video will be one chapter of the workbook.

If you use this video for your young people, you would want to purchase the textbook for this class from Midwest Theological Forum.  MAKE SURE YOU GET THE "PARISH EDITION"

Let me know if you have any questions.  God bless!

Planned Parenthood Lying About Their Site Being Hacked

In an apparent attempt to draw heat off of themselves and instead play victim, Planned Parenthood announced that its site was hacked yesterday.  The news was met with skepticism by many, and now there is computer coding proof that their site was NOT hacked.  

Lies to cover up lies.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Massacre of the Holy Innocents

On U2's "Rattle and Hum" album, Bono stops in the middle of a song and starts talking about the evil of apartheid.  He then says "Am I bugging you...well, I don't mean to bug you."

Of course his question was sarcastic.

Some say "Fr. you talk about Planned Parenthood and abortion too much"

Sorry...I don't mean to bug you

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bishop-Elect Barron on Pope Francis and CST

Bishop-Elect Barron says what I was trying to say in my evaluation of "Laudato Si", but of course he says it much more precisely.

Some in the Church are labeling Pope Francis a socialist and so forth because of either passages from "Laudato Si" and/or comments he's made, whether from Rome or South America.

I don't think any Pope has to get everything right (nor does the Church) in order for papal infallibility to hold up.  However, everything I've seen from the Holy Father is very much in line with a long line of Catholic Social Teaching.

Catholic Social Teaching has been condensed into a Compendium which is a fascinating read for any Catholic (and, I argue often, a MUST read for anyone who is going to preach or teach today in the name of the Church).  CST (and St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict) make ALL THE SAME points Laudato Si does.

1) Capitalism (and similarly democracy) can become deranged and malformed if not buttressed by strong moral values.  Isn't that precisely what we're seeing in the United States?  Democracy is better than a lot of other systems, but just because you have a democracy doesn't mean everything will turn out well.  The same is said by the Church's CST, St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis about capitalism - it must be governed by solid moral values or it will become diseased.  Is there really any doubt that that statement is true?  Saying that makes none of the above parties Communist, it makes them realists and prophets.

2) The environment deserves protection.  Again, read CST.  It's in there.  A lot.

3) Subsidiarity is a CST principle that is clearly defined in the Catechism and is expanded upon in the Compendium of CST.  The Pope saying that certain decisions should be left to a body larger than individual nations is perfectly inline with CST.  Pope Benedict said it first anyway.  It isn't Pope Francis (nor was it Pope Benedict) claiming a need for a world wide government.  Take off the aluminum foil hats.  Breathe.

I don't agree with everything Pope Francis does or says.  I'm not a papal cheerleader.  I get no bonuses for commenting positively on the pontiff.  It is important for Catholics to know, though, that the Pope's warnings in Laudato Si are NOT new.  It is very telling about a Catholics familiarity with the larger corpus of Catholic Social Teaching when a person says that what is in Laudato Si is new.

Mary's Greatness

Thanks to Tekton Ministries for putting this together!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Archindy Annulment Costs are Now $0

From the desk of Archbishop Tobin:
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Ph. 1, 2).
I am happy to announce to you a change in policy regarding fees associated with the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese. Effective July 1, 2015, all fees connected with the processing of petitions for the nullity of marriages have been eliminated. In the case of persons who have already introduced a petition, the balance of their fees are now forgiven. This waiver of fees applies also to the so-called “privilege of the faith” cases that must be sent to Rome for consideration.
Until now, the Tribunal requested a fee of $675 for a formal marriage cases, known popularly as an “annulment”. This fee was only a fraction of the actual expenses of the process; the remainder was assumed by the Archdiocese. What is more, it had always been possible to request a reduction, deferment or, in some cases, a waiver of the fee. According to the long-standing policy of the Archdiocese, a person’s ability to present a petition did not depend on his or her ability to pay a fee.
Still, there has been a stubborn misconception that a person could “buy” a decree of nullity. There have been equally erroneous ideas that paying more than the requested fee or paying it all “up front” would result in quicker process or a better chance for a successful outcome. None of these suspicions are true. In fact, petitions are examined and decided according to the date of their presentation. Furthermore, each case is considered on its own merits and according to the common norms of the Catholic community.
I am confident that this change in policy will eliminate some of these misunderstandings. I also hope that you will renew your efforts to reach out compassionately to the faithful whose marriages have failed. Please ensure that this change is known among the people entrusted to your pastoral care.
Finally, I ask all Catholics to pray for married couples, whom God has called to reflect in their own love the unconditionally faithful and self-sacrificing love that Christ has for the Church. The Archdiocese and its ministers are committed to be both “prophetic” (to teach what Jesus taught) and to be “pastoral” (to minister to those whose marriages, unfortunately, have ended in a civil divorce).
May the Lord, who shared the joy of the couple at Cana of Galilee and comforted the sorrowing and humiliated, bless and sustain your ministry.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Pro-Lifers Manipulate Planned Parenthood Footage

Deceptively editing a video to make someone sound like she'll sell you the organs of aborted fetuses is really easy. All...
Posted by Lutheran Satire on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Voice From the Grave on the Changes People Forced on the Mass

One of my two parishes is Annunciation Catholic Church in Brazil.  For 45 years, beginning in 1962, Fr. Anthony Spicuzza was the pastor of the parish here.  I recently traveled to the Archdiocesan Archives to look through the history of the parish.  It was fascinating and fun!

I found a survey that was sent out in the wake of the 2nd Vatican Council and one of the answers by Fr. Spicuzza caught my attention:

In Father Spicuzza's assessment, then, the thing that was a challenge for the young people of the Church was all the changes that people were adding to the Mass on their own initiative.

It was a very prophetic utterance

Monday, July 20, 2015

Priests Deal With Crap You Probably Don't

I hear quite frequently refrains such as:

"I left the Church because Father so and so looked at me wrong" or "Father didn't react in the way I'd hoped he would" etc.

Look, folks, we deal with both actually mentally ill people, and also some who are somewhere else on the spectrum but are definitely malicious.  So you might want to ask yourself if your Faith is really so shallow as to be affected by the mood of a priest at a particular moment in time.

A couple of examples:

1) I know a priest that someone anonymously went to the trouble of creating an entire website of pictures of this priest's face photoshopped onto pornographic male photos (please don't go looking for the site).  People still regularly report the site to his chancery, and the chancery has to explain the situation to another distressed caller.

That's really messed up

2) I know another priest, and I am cc'd on emails to him from a person who sends rambling horrendous diatribes all the time.  When I see an email from her in my inbox, of course I don't read them, and I know he doesn't either, but just knowing someone out there is that messed up...

3) Recently in my priesthood someone had fake email addresses for multiple people, fake twitter accounts etc. in order to create this narrative of how this person needed help.  I spent some considerable time and energy into helping this "person" until I started noticing the story coming apart.   Then, a few weeks later, I got a call from another Archdiocese letting me know "hey, that person you interacted with has played similar games with several other priests, and has tried to bring lawsuits against them saying these priests got her pregnant etc."

So when a priest doesn't smile at you in the right way, or when he is a little more cautious than you'd like him to be when he first hears about a person in distress, or when said priest doesn't skip down the aisle like Mary Poppins at a particular Mass, before you leave the Catholic Church over it, just take a breath.  He may have just finished, 2 minutes earlier, dealing with a completely malicious person trying to play mind games.